Note: Btrue is an alias name

Btrue provides doctors and their patients leading-edge healing treatments with their innovative medical technology. Their sales team was looking for an easier way to engage with doctors, so an iPad App was created to manage the end-to-end relationship from lead to order.


This project began in 2013, which was only a few years after the iPad was released. This provided a fresh canvas for new interaction patterns and designs, but a bit challenging since there were not many conventions.

Some of the project goals were fairly ambitious, such as a digital signature input, full CRM and scheduling, and inventory management.


  • Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development

Design Process

Given a tight timeline I started with discovery. Through discussions with the stakeholders, I then translated the ideas and concepts provided by the stakeholders into sketchs.

The sketches provided a helpful starting point and once gaining buy-in I quickly moved on to low-fidelity wireframes using Wires by Quirktools

b true home and appointments wireframes

Btrue wireframe of landing page and calendar/appointments

b true order entry process wireframes

Btrue wireframe for entering orders

b true contacts and inventory wireframes

Btrue wireframe of inventory process and contacts view


While the wireframes provided a solid foundation and mapped out the IA, the overall "feel" of the app was missing. To help develop a better picture of how the app would look, I developed a high-fidelity mockup (shown at very top of page) of the sales-entry page.


To help speed up development, I took on some of the front-end UI work. More specifically I focused on bringing the designs to life with HTML/css.