Thoughtful App Icons

I love good app icons. Others do too. They often reflect the quality of the software they represent. On MacOS, some of the best icons come from indie software developers. Whereas large companies frequently field uninspiring, flat, and dull icons. For example, compare an early version of the Docker for Mac Icon to the Postgres.app Icon. I dread launching Docker for Mac not least because of it’s low-quality app icon.

One of my favorite icons comes from Nord, a keyboard instrument maker. Their keyboards are a marvel of UI Design, playability, and sound engineering. To manage the sounds on the keyboard they offer a companion app, the “Nord Sound Manager.” The icon is beautiful and perfectly captures the essence of the hardware keyboards that it’s used with. A keyboard maker wouldn’t be my first guess as to where great app icons come from, but if you care about your products, every detail matters. Take a look-

Nord Sound Manager MacOS App Icon:

The Nord Sound Manager MacOS App Icon

Nord Electro 6D Keyboard:

Nord Keyboard